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We Provide Training, Data,

and Analytic Services to

Detect Human Trafficking Risks


We're Zero Trafficking: a data company bringing innovative data, analysis, and training solutions to the frontlines of anti-trafficking. 


We fight human trafficking networks with digital intelligence, proactively detecting and tracking sophisticated criminal organizations who exploit victims for profit through force, fraud, and coercion.


We believe that, until counter-trafficking strategies adapt to the realities of organized trafficking and victim trauma, they will be only marginally successful.


As a nexus crime, human trafficking is inextricably linked to other criminal organizations; from drug trafficking and organized theft rings to terrorists and money launderers. Unless the larger criminal organizations are dismantled, the trafficking will often continue with different faces no matter how many arrests are made.


Pursuing network-centric trafficking investigations enables more effective dismantling of sex trafficking enterprises, while alleviating some of the substantial testimonial burdens traditionally placed on survivors. That’s where we come in.


We bring a new solution to the anti-trafficking fight. We identify sex trafficking networks with a high level of confidence, independent of victim cooperation and have honed our intelligence gathering methodologies to exploit the criminal business practices of human traffickers at their point of vulnerability. 


With a wide range of partners from retailers to government agencies, our unique solutions to the human trafficking problem are designed to support a network-centric anti-trafficking approach.


Reach out to see if our data holdings, analytic services, or training packages are right for you.


We believe in a world in which human beings no longer exploit other human beings through force, fraud, or coercion for labor, services, or commercial sex.


We believe in a country where all workers in all jobs, whether American citizens, foreign nationals, or stateless people, are treated with dignity and respect.


We believe in a swift and successful criminal justice response to human trafficking where perpetrators are held accountable for their crimes.


We believe in a collaborative network of anti-trafficking companies, service providers, and their law enforcement and intelligence agency partners working towards common anti-trafficking goals.



​​Noel Thomas’ first exposure to the problem of human trafficking was atypical. In 2007, Noel was touring internationally with his rock band when someone passed him a flyer raising awareness about human trafficking. The reality of people in bondage and modern day slavery had a profound impact on Noel. This moment became the genesis of Noel’s fight against human trafficking. While Noel was in India, researching trafficking brothels he witnessed law enforcement facilitate the sale of a little girl. That moment solidified Noel’s journey to fight human trafficking. While he is still an avid bass guitarist, Noel went on to found a non-profit raising awareness about human trafficking in the United States. His work in the community led to his appointment as the Statewide Anti-Trafficking Coordinator for Florida’s Department of Children and Families.

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Samuel Curet and Noel Thomas grew up in south Florida. In addition to being homeschool debate partners, Samuel was the bass player in the band that didn’t get to tour Europe. Noel told Samuel about the near immunity traffickers enjoyed and the astonishing prevalence of commercial sexual advertisements housed on Backpage in early 2013. Samuel couldn’t believe that traffickers would be so brazen without law enforcement quickly and easily addressing it. 


After learning about the inherent difficulties fighting human trafficking in the United States, Samuel applied his understanding of military intelligence to help create a new solution. In 2015, Samuel Curet and Noel Thomas co-founded Zero Trafficking to develop machine learning augmented analysis and bring high quality intelligence to the human trafficking fight. 

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Meet Our Founders
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