Black Water

We Provide Advanced Methods and Data Tools to Gain Insight On Human Trafficking Risks Fast

"What Zero Trafficking provided in one week, would have taken two years."

We exist because there were no cohesive ways to identify, track, and report bad actors, organizations, networks, and links to other criminal enterprises. Therefore in 2015 Zero Trafficking came into existence. Since then we've crafted methods and databases built around best practices from world class intelligence operations to produce solutions to support decision-making in investigations, prosecutions, and victim rescues.


The Zero Trafficking team consists of technology researchers, artificial intelligence experts, and specialized trainers. From law enforcement, to intelligence professionals, to social media experts, we are transforming our customers operations by helping our customers get where they want to go fast in the fight against human trafficking.



We believe in a world in which human beings no longer exploit other human beings through force, fraud, or coercion for labor, services, or commercial sex.


We believe in a country where all workers in all jobs, whether American citizens, foreign nationals, or stateless people, are treated with dignity and respect.


We believe in a swift and successful criminal justice response to human trafficking where perpetrators are held accountable for their crimes.


We believe in a collaborative network of anti-trafficking companies, service providers, and their law enforcement and intelligence agency partners working towards common anti-trafficking goals.