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Help Us Innovate the Fight Against Slavery


We believe in a world where people are no longer exploited and workers are treated with dignity and respect. Joining us means joining the frontlines of anti-human trafficking.

Positions Available

Business Development Manager

A business development manager for Zero Trafficking will manage the development of new business opportunities while overseeing the existing sales. They will be skilled in monitoring trends and customer needs to better evaluate business strategies and opportunities. They will also be responsible for developing and nurturing business partnerships and proposals. Skills required for this position include excellent verbal and written communications skills, prior experience in sales or marketing, ability to present and collaborate, as well as proficiency in data analysis and forecasting. 

Internship (Intelligence Division)

Interns will contribute by performing open source intelligence and leveraging Zero Trafficking’s proprietary technology suite to support network disruption efforts at a local, federal, and international level. Successful applicants will have strong communication skills, demonstrate intellectual curiosity, and a willingness to learn. Familiarity with the basic principles of open source intelligence encouraged, but not required. This internship is remote and will be conducted entirely online, so interns must have access to a reliable internet connection.

Chief Marketing Officer

CMO’s will take on the responsibility of structuring Zero Trafficking’s marketing department through planning, developing, executing, and overseeing overall marketing initiatives. Other duties include market research and analysis, product marketing and advertising, and public relations. Zero Trafficking’s ideal CMO candidate will have strong leadership and marketing strategies, good data and market analysis, work well with a team, and be creative.

Chief Legal Counsel

Chief legal counsel is responsible for all of the legal affairs of Zero Trafficking, including but not limited to drafting agreements, licensing, assuring compliance, and legal advising. An ideal candidate for this position will be skilled in negotiation, have attention to detail, strong integrity, and be able to anticipate issues and risks.

Director of Human Resources

Director of HR will head the human resource department, overseeing day to day activities along with big picture goals and missions. They will be involved with developing and implementing policies, strategizing hiring and employee retention practices, creating benefit and compensation packages, handling employee relations, and maintaining Zero Trafficking’s positive, productive work environment. A strong candidate will have good interpersonal, organizational, verbal, and written communication skills, along with effective problem-solving skills.

Vice President of Data Sales

Vice President of Data Sales will promote Zero Trafficking’s products to partners and clients while overseeing sales cycles. They will be involved in the company's strategic vision and growth. A strong candidate will have strong leadership skills, be self motivated and detail oriented.

Law Enforcement Instructor

A Law Enforcement Instructor will provide Law Enforcement instruction/training on Zero Trafficking’s network discovery course. They will communicate technical concepts efficiently to an adult audience often under strict time constraints. They will stay current on academic materials relating to the fields of human trafficking and criminal network discovery. A strong candidate will have experience in federal or local law enforcement and effective communication and leadership skills. This position will require travel.

GEOINT Analyst

A Geospatial Intelligence Analyst will be responsible for GEOINT exploitation and reporting with experience in tactical intelligence analysis. GEOINT Analysts will solve complex problems, work in team environments and reach data-supported conclusions using quantitative, qualitative analysis methods. Strong candidates will have experience using imagery and geospatial information systems or tools.

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