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Dark Watch™ Data


Why Dark Watch™ Data


Zero Trafficking presents Dark Watch Data: high confidence human trafficking networks previously unidentified. This data is synthesized and searchable so you can shrink your investigation time, mitigate corporate risk, begin transformative counter-threat workflows, and more. Quality data-driven innovation allows your team to proactively combat threat networks. 


Human trafficking networks are inextricably linked to other criminal organizations and data on those networks can be used to identify the threats you’re tasked to monitor--whether those are drug trafficking rings, organized theft rings, terrorists, money launderers, or other organized criminal groups.


Contact us today to inquire about our custom pricing and subscription models. 


How Is Dark Watch™ Data Collected


Zero Trafficking developed a four-step intelligence cycle to discover, explore, and monitor active human trafficking networks through these trafficker’s necessary business processes. Our team of full-time analysts apply this methodology on a daily basis to find previously undiscovered human trafficking networks and add their findings to our threat database. Every row of Dark Watch data passes analytic review before it heads to our customers’ data warehouses. 


Where web scrapes are likely to pick up the activity of independent and trafficked sex workers alike, Zero Trafficking’s intelligence cycle helps us sort data into categories: independent, scam, organized prostitution, and human trafficking. Our hands-on approach to data collection and evaluation gives us high confidence in the networks we discover. 


How Is Dark Watch™ Data Used


Dark Watch data is designed with two goals in mind: to disrupt human trafficking rings and to stop human traffickers from abusing the financial system. We have clients in the public and private sector, ranging from financial and corporate threat investigation units to human trafficking task forces and public investigations teams. 


Whether your team wants to do more from a humanitarian perspective, you’ve been tasked to investigate human trafficking, or you simply have an interest in preventing criminal abuse of your company, Dark Watch data can give you unique insight into otherwise undiscovered risk. Our records consist of names, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, and corporations, which can be ingested into your native data warehouses for further analysis. By fusing Dark Watch data with their own holdings, our corporate customers are able to see where known or suspected traffickers are using their services. They can then evaluate those accounts to ensure their activity does not implicate the company in any trafficking activity. Meanwhile, public service teams can use our data to help prioritize human trafficking investigations in their jurisdiction based on those most likely to significantly disrupt the market. 


Pricing & Data Delivery 

Because the last thing most of our customers want is another tool to log into that cannot be integrated into any of their other workflows; we offer our data in flat files (csv, exls, json etc.) on a subscription basis.  Our subscriptions are tailored by geographic coverage and frequency of updates.  Not every customer needs data from the entire United States (or even international threats), and not every customer needs new risks to analyze each month.  Our data subscriptions can be tailored and scale to fit your needs.  Contact us to schedule a demo of our data and learn more about how Zero Trafficking Dark Watch™ data can support your mission.

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