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FY22 Human Trafficking Congressional Spending

As of 14 Oct 2022, FY2022 data show total human trafficking obligations were $1,333,056,673.

  • Spending by Prime Award: Contracts: 106; Contract Indefinite Delivery Vehicles (IDVs): 7; Grants: 758; Direct Payments: 2; Loans: 1; Other: 1

  • Spending Over Time: There were two peak spending months: Dec 2021: $213,562,997; Jul 2022: $$465,274,101

USA Human Trafficking Spend
  • Spending by Geography:

Human Trafficking Spending by Geography
  • Spending by Awarding Agency: The bulk of federal anti-human trafficking spending comes from four agencies: Department of Health and Human Services (HHS): $699,666,298; Department of Labor (DOL): $489,743,604; Department of Justice (DOJ): $79,399,493; Department of State (DOS): $14,615,654

Human Trafficking Spending by US Agency


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Breakout of Human Trafficking Programs

The Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking (ATEST) tracks four key congressional spending bills each year which constitute the bulk of federal anti-human trafficking spending. Each year, ATEST sends to congressional appropriations subcommittees requests for inclusions as they work to complete final appropriations. ATEST’s Fiscal Year 2022 Federal Appropriations Recommendations includes a Letter to the Office of Management and Budget which breaks out its recommendations over 26 human trafficking programs.

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