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Interactive Map of Anti-Human Trafficking Technology Tools

Interactive Map of Anti-Human Trafficking Technology Tools

Tech Against Trafficking (formed in 2018) has an interactive map of 305 anti-trafficking technology tools. The number of tools has increased significantly from the 200 cited by Brian Monroe, “New Resource: Tech Against Human Trafficking – Interactive Map of Anti-Trafficking Technology-enabled Tools,” ACFCS, 20 Feb 2020, as has its functionality. The map can be browsed via:

The graphic interface (Page 1)

Keyword, tool list, or the following individual filters (Page 2): Tool Category, Target Sector, Technology, Trafficking Type, Target Users, Key Phrases

Combinations of the following filters:

  • Tool Category & Trafficking (Page 3)

  • Tool Category & Target Sector (Page 4)

  • Tool Category & Target Users (Page 5)

  • Tool Category & Technology (Page 6)

  • Target Sector & Trafficking Type (Page 7)

  • Trafficking Type & Target Users (Page 8)

  • Technology & Trafficking Type (Page 9)

  • Target Sector & Target Users (Page 10)

  • Target Sector & Technology (Page 11)

  • Technology & Target Users (Page 12)

  • Any combination of the following filters (toggle filter(s) on/off – Page 13): Area, Language, Sector Focus, Target Beneficiaries, Target Users, Technology, Tool Category, Trafficking Type

The “Download the list of anti-trafficking tech tools” link on Page 1 is problematic in some browsers but works fine in Safari and produces a list of 305 tools with Number | Name of tool | Description |Website details.

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