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Zero Trafficking Joins Cyber Ops Alliance

Zero Trafficking LLC (“ZT”), a solution provider fighting human trafficking, announces it has joined the Cyber Ops Alliance (“COA”), a major international cyber security integrator, according to a joint announcement today by Noel Thomas, Zero Trafficking, CEO and Dan Downing, Cyber Ops Alliance CEO.

“Zero Trafficking provides the world leading actionable threat network intelligence solutions for the detection, arrest, and prosecution of global threat networks,” comments Dan Downing, Cyber Ops Alliance, CEO. “The COA ecosystem is keen to explore integration of ZT’s unique software stack and analytical tools to provide actionable threat network intelligence to disrupt and dismantle the financial capabilities of criminal threat networks.”

Using only a physical jurisdiction of interest, Zero Trafficking can identify persons of interest and criminal organizations through efficient monitoring of trafficking business activities online. The threat network intelligence data is provided via an API and is user friendly. By utilizing Zero Trafficking services, partners are able to reduce investigative costs, create safer communities, and generate more asset forfeiture revenue for governments agencies.

“ZT is excited to align with the COA and its members. The Cyber Ops Alliance is a consortium of best-in-class Cyber Security specialists. This affiliation expands our abilities to equip global partners with opportunities to convert data into actionable intelligence,” adds Noel Thomas, CEO, Zero Trafficking. “This partnership validates our company mission and capabilities. The COA was founded by former intelligence community executives, high-ranking and decorated military officers, senior law enforcement directors and the world’s best subject matter experts on Security operations.”

COA member solutions are in use in various deployments including Federal law enforcement agencies, large philanthropic institutions, a global private security firm and numerous state fusion centers, which provide resources, expertise and information to maximize the ability to detect, prevent, investigate and respond to criminal and terrorist activities.

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