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TRAK is an enterprise wide software that is built to scale accessed by user licenses that run for a year. Contact sales for a custom quote. Quotes are built around the US dollar. 

Cyber TRAK is a web-based open source intelligence tool that can act as a stand-alone solution or integrate with current software. Our tool crawls through the web to provide active and actionable intelligence, including interdiction, arrest and prosecutorial evidence. Our tools strengthen open source intelligence gathering processes through.

TRAK: Web Based  Data Software

Predictive Analytics: Cyber TRAK utilizes the most effective predictive analytics to learn from the searching patterns of analysts and agents.

Keyword Searches: Cyber TRAK looks for relevant data using key words and phrases using criminal lexicons.

Evidence Collection: Cyber TRAK is capable of caching ephemeral data that criminals delete from the internet.

Easy to Use: Cyber TRAK, the cloud-based solution, is simple and intuitive yet flexible and efficient for the average

user to the most experienced analyst.

Agency Wide Accessibility: Access to the Internet and a web browser are the only requirements to use Cyber TRAK. No special downloads or drivers are required.

Areas of Focus

Our searching tools are easily modified to search for contextualized data on transnational crime such as cybercrime, passport fraud, weapon trafficking, human trafficking, financial crimes and drug trafficking.


The Zero Trafficking team consists of forward thinking and passionate technologists, intelligence analysts, counter trafficking

experts, political advisors, and social entrepreneurs.

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