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Zero Trafficking’s intelligence analysts are the experts when it comes to discovering human trafficking rings through publicly available information. By applying our four-step intelligence process, analysts can discover human trafficking rings anywhere there is a vibrant commercial sex market. All we need is a geography of interest to get started! 


Why Choose Analytic Services?


Zero Trafficking’s Analytic Services solution is for the corporation, the law enforcement agency, the advocacy team, or the concerned civic group that wants to better understand the human trafficking problem in their area. 


Zero Trafficking’s sales representatives will work with you to define the parameters of a successful research project and settle on a budget and timeline for the project. Our team will then meet with yours regularly to review progress and ensure your satisfaction. The Analytic Services experience is highly customizable, allowing your team to take full advantage of our analysts’ knowledge and expertise. 


Research outputs can be delivered as written reports, powerpoint presentations, spreadsheets, or some combination of the three, which can then be used by your organization to inform internal policies, launch investigations, advocate for change, and more. 


Analytic Services vs Dark Watch™ Data


The analytic processes our staff use to uncover networks under our Analytic Services contracts are the same ones used to populate our Dark Watch™ Database. The key distinction between our Services and Data offerings is the control afforded to the customer. 


With an Analytic Services contract, your team holds the reins. Where a subscription to Dark Watch™ Data provides your organization access to any readily available data in your area of interest, an Analytic Services comes with the power to direct Zero Trafficking analysts’ attention to your area of interest and produce data there in a timely manner. 


Our Successes


Under Analytic Services contracts, our analysts have helped law enforcement investigators uncover sophisticated sex trafficking rings operating in their jurisdiction and identified potential corporate risk by flagging trafficking rings operating on specific digital platforms. Research our analysts have provided has directly contributed to local, federal, and international investigations against criminal enterprises; made its way into expert testimony before the U.S. Congress and Canadian Parliament; and continues to shape the way counter-trafficking investigations are conducted on a national level. 




Use our contact form to inquire about our rates and learn whether we can support your organizational needs. 

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